Climate Impacts on Agriculture

Learn how climate factors interact with plant systems and how to help build resilience in our agronomic systems.

Regen Ag Academy · November 13, 2020

Climate Impacts on Agriculture

We live in a changing climate and increasing attention is being focused on the rapidity of the change both in time and space. The changes in climate affects agriculture both directly and indirectly and this course explores what is changing in the climate and how these changes affect cropping systems.

Precipitation patterns are shifting in seasonality with more rainfall in the spring and more variable in the summer months which directly affects our ability to establish a crop and also the vigor of that crop during the early growth stages. Increased rainfall in the spring also increases the potential for erosion because of saturated soil conditions. Water availability is directly related to production and variability in summer rainfall further exaggerates the yield variation. Temperature patterns are changing with increasing minimum temperatures more than maximum temperatures. Higher minimum temperatures directly affect biological systems because they add to the stress at night. Exposure to high temperature events reduce productivity for a number of direct physiological impacts.

These increases in temperature offset the positive impacts of carbon dioxide for plant production. Understanding how all of these climate factors interact with plant systems will help prepare for building resilience in our agronomic systems.

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