Rules of Engagement

We have observed the weaknesses of internet communities. Our intent is to maintain Kind Harvest as a place for thoughtful critique and high quality conversations. Users can report any posts or comments which conflict with our rules of engagement for our moderators to review. Build the community.

Be Kind

Assume that other people have good intentions. Keep criticism constructive. Don’t attack people or insult what they post. If a reasonable person would think you’re being a jerk, that’s not okay. Persistent behavior that’s on the line is not okay.

In 1945, philosopher Karl Popper proposed the paradox of tolerance: if a society is tolerant without limit the ability to be tolerant is eventually destroyed by the intolerant. So, to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance. 

Focus on agriculture

Kind Harvest is agriculture and ecology centric. Topics can include any aspects of agriculture and food production. Avoid political discussions except as they relate to agricultural issues.

Stay on topic and tone

Some groups have a very clear topic, tone, and intent, and others are more broad. Don’t bombard an obviously pro-x group with an anti-x agenda.

Use your full and real name

Be authentic. We think that real names are an important part of a kind community.

Don't circle the drain

If you are in a contentious debate where anyone is repeating the same points, seems focused on having the last word, and / or is badgering others, we may lock the thread to end the conversation.

No harassment

We want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a high quality conversation, historically not a strength of the internet. We are aware of subtle harassment tactics and won’t tolerate them. No doxxing or sea lioning.

No violent links, images, or words

Obviously, no porn or inappropriate sexual commentary about other people.