Precision Ag Plant Nutrition Management (Members Only)

An in-depth review of how nutrients move around inside plants, the key nutrient interactions and how to comfortably reduce fertilizer applications with certainty that the crop has adequate supply.

Regen Ag Academy · October 5, 2020

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Plants experience nutritional imbalances several weeks before they can be observed visually. Learn how to use lab data to predict disease and insect susceptibility that occurs as a result of nutritional imbalance. Learn how to make detailed product application recommendations based on the stage of crop growth and how to evaluate product effectiveness and performance.

Precision Ag has developed a good deal in terms of seed placement and population management. The same degree of management intensity has not been applied to nutrition management. You’ve heard about the 4 R’s, right source, right rate, right time, and right place. But have nutrition management practices actually changed?

For the most part, nutrient management has not changed very much, because it has been difficult to determine what actually worked, and what made a difference. The use of in season sap analysis changes all of this quickly.

We can quickly map out nutrient release curves for different products, identify which products are actually absorbed by the crop and which are not, and determine with a high degree of accuracy whether the crop needs any additional nutritional applications or not. AND, we can get this degree of data integrity for over the full range of nutritional elements, not just N-P-K.

This course is an in-depth review of how nutrients move around inside plants, the locations in the plant where each nutrient first becomes deficient, the key nutrient interactions to manage for increased disease and insect resistance, nutrient interactions to manage to improve quality and yield, and how to comfortably reduce fertilizer applications with certainty that the crop has adequate supply.

This course includes 9 video lessons and quizzes and takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

Total video: 1.45 minutes of video plus quizzes

CEUs: 2.00 Nutrient Management

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Our mission is to communicate regenerative agriculture knowledge to growers and agronomists. We believe the next revolution in agriculture is a science-based agronomy revolution. Emerging science provides the foundation for developing regenerative agriculture ecosystems that produce more nutritious food per acre than present crop production systems, while also rebuilding soil health. Each of us can only attend so many live conferences in person. These courses allow you to learn the deep knowledge of an in-depth course at your convenience without the travel and time commitment. These courses detail how to develop and implement regenerative agriculture systems that promote plant and soil health and lead to economic sustainability.

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  • Serious growers needs these courses
    Any serious grower needs to take these courses. Great course. Prior to taking John’s course I had watched all his youtube videos. This course fills in most of the gaps. I’m looking forward to more additions to the course. Any serious grower should take this course. It is amazing how much money and time we can save working with nature rather than fighting it.
    Paul Mobilio
  • This course is packed with instruction
    This course is packed with instruction about the important concepts leading to broader understanding of regenerative agriculture. A wealth of information for a short course!
    Chuck Mead Ag Consultant
    Formerly of Mead Orchards
  • A great confidence booster
    The best way to treat disease is to prevent it and this course will equip you to do just that! A great confidence booster to anyone making farm decisions.
    Jessica Smith
  • Very clear presentation
    Very clear presentation of important concepts. I liked the format of short lectures followed by quizzes I learned a lot, and look forward to more courses!
    Dorothea Sotiros
  • In a style that is easy to understand
    In a style that is easy to understand and remember, the course delivers apparently hidden insights (to the majority of farmers and agronomists) into the “main and interactive effects” of key minerals involved in the growing of pest-resistant crops that deliver high yields of premier grade produce. I am looking forward to more insights from the courses to follow, thanks John.
    Daniel Mataruka
  • Great Foundation
    Great Foundation. Excellent, important topics. With a year of sap samples under my belt, this course really resonated with me.
    Justin Wylie