Plant Health Pyramid

How healthy plants resist insects and diseases when they have balanced nutrition

Regen Ag Academy · October 16, 2020

Learn about the different physiological processes that provide both passive immunity and active resistance responses at different levels of plant health. You will learn how to manage nutritional balance to produce complete pest resistance. The plant health pyramid is a diagram John developed to describe how plants can become resistant to different groups of pests at different levels of health.

This course shows how to adjust nutritional and microbial balance to achieve different levels of disease and insect resistance. In this course, John describes the different physiological processes that occur in plants, and how they are influenced by the presence or absence of key nutritional elements. This includes concepts like passive and active immunity, the difference between removing the food source for possible pests, or actively resisting them. He addresses photosynthetic capacity as the baseline of crop success and describes how to increase and measure photosynthesis in the field.

You will learn about the practical differences between reducing vs. non reducing sugars, mono- vs. polysaccharides, their impacts on plant health, as well as what enzymes actually are, what they do, and why it matters. And which nutrients are needed at different stages to produce resistance.

The Plant Health Pyramid covers soil and air-borne pathogens, fungal and bacterial diseases, simple and complex digestive system insects, and the impact that plants’ sugar, protein, lipid and PSM production has upon them. In short, this course explains why crops are pest resistant, or pest susceptible, with a deep dive into the fundamental information visually described by the Plant Health Pyramid.

If you find the Plant Health Pyramid infographic helpful, you will appreciate the more in-depth information which John discusses in this course.

You can download the infographic here.

This course includes 9 video lessons and quizzes and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. CEUs: 2.00 Nutrient Management

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  • This is 1 happy soil-plant-microbe nerd!
    Taking this course has deepened my knowledge of what a truly healthy plant is and how it ties into the greater ecosystem, as well as animal and human health. This is one happy soil-plant-microbe nerd! I recommend this course to anyone who wants to remove uncertainty and boost your confidence in working with plants and growing healthy food.
    Jessica Smith
  • Easy to understand information.
    The course was filled with great, easy to understand information, which helps gives a foundation to the plant health pyramid and how minerals, the microbiome, and metabolic pathways lead to a healthy disease suppressive crop. I highly recommend.
    George Pate
  • So full of useful information!
    I’m about to go back and listen to the whole thing again. My knowledge about what plants need to grow to be entirely healthy and resistant to all insects and diseases has grown tenfold listening to this course. I had to go really slow because my understanding of biology and chemistry could use a boost but this was so well explained that with a little rewinding I totally understood it. Thank you!
    Jessica Baron
  • John definitely has a gift.
    I can say from personal experience that, as an agronomist, I have thoroughly benefited from attending many of Johns regenerative agriculture seminars and webinars. John definitely has a gift when it comes to teaching agriscience and is able to bring many different complex facets of agronomy together in an clear manner that even a novice can grasp and then begin to apply in any agricultural system.
    Trent Graybill
  • I learned more here than at school!
    John has the ability to explain complex content very clear. It’s easy to understand, very good to apply and it makes a lot of sense! I’m looking forward to all the upcoming courses. It’s so much more useful than what I learned in school! Thanks for all your work.
    Lennart Claassen
  • The most comprehensive actionable course
    The Regenerative Agriculture Academy is the most comprehensive actionable course in cutting-edge regenerative agriculture (including regenerating farm profit) available that you won’t have to “unlearn” in just a few years as the science evolves.
    Greg Pennyroyal
  • I liked the format of short lectures
    Very clear presentation of important concepts. I liked the format of short lectures followed by quizzes I learned a lot, and look forward to more courses!
    Dorothea Sotiros
  • A must for all farmers
    Amazing detailed explanation on the roles of nutrition and higher PSM and their effects on insect and disease resistance. A must for all farmers. Thank you John.
    Rajesh Toshniwal