The Principles and Science of Developing Regenerative Agriculture Ecosystems (Members Only)

Learn why diseases, insects, and weeds show up, why yields miss expectations, and how you can manage them better.

Regen Ag Academy · October 6, 2020

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Most soil and plant ecosystems are substantially degraded, to a point where we don’t immediately recognize how severely they are depleted and dysfunctional. We don’t have a frame of reference to know what “normal” actually looks like anymore. It is common for most crops to produce only 15-25% of the yield they are genetically capable of. It is common for many plants to photosynthesize at only 15-25% of their capacity in a 24 hour photo-period.

This means that it is theoretically possible to increase crop performance by as much as 4-5x in a perfect environment. Of course, production agriculture is not a perfect environment. When exposed to all the possible climatic stresses, it is still possible to increase yields and plant performance significantly beyond our present baseline when we approach plant nutrition differently

In this in-depth workshop, John will describe the principles and the science of regenerative farming ecosystems that harness much more of the solar and earth energy coming into the system, and produce Olympic athlete-level performance.

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Our mission is to communicate regenerative agriculture knowledge to growers and agronomists. We believe the next revolution in agriculture is a science-based agronomy revolution. Emerging science provides the foundation for developing regenerative agriculture ecosystems that produce more nutritious food per acre than present crop production systems, while also rebuilding soil health. Each of us can only attend so many live conferences in person. These courses allow you to learn the deep knowledge of an in-depth course at your convenience without the travel and time commitment. These courses detail how to develop and implement regenerative agriculture systems that promote plant and soil health and lead to economic sustainability.

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  • This course is a must for every farmer.
    This course is a must for every farmer.
    Tobias Koenig
  • Cutting-edge, relevant and impactful!
    You’ll be hard-pressed to find more cutting-edge, relevant or impactful information and experiential knowledge than what John shares in his webinars, podcasts, lectures and online courses….that is until you get the chance to attend a live training course. Be forewarned; the course will be dense. Study up, come prepared so that you can participate in the co-creation.
    Faith Reeves
  • Truly a blessing to be a part of
    John’s course on regenerative agronomy was illuminating, challenging, and truly a blessing to be a part of. I came away with some key strategies that I’m sure will be a profitable addition to our operation.
    Danny Gardner
  • Informative and inspirational!
    This course was highly informative and inspirational to say the least! It was full of incredible information about the real relationship between plants-soils and how agronomy should be practiced. At the same time John taught it in an inspirational way that I have never experienced in an agronomy course. I most definitely left excited and motivated to practice regenerative agriculture!
    Cory St. Clair
  • It was a GREAT training session
    It was a GREAT training session. With what I learned, the course should easily pay for itself in one small treatment area I will do soon due to my new knowledge. The lessons learned will provide large returns next year with a full crop season to implement them.
    Myron Sylling
  • Packed full of fantastic information
    This course was packed full of fantastic information and really painted a rich picture of the connections between plant health, plant and microbe metabolic processes and interactions, soil environment, and mineral nutrition. It helped me connect the dots on a number of different complex concepts and see how they all fit together. John’s approach is truly cutting edge.
    Gillian Julius
  • Worth every penny.
    I had a very enjoyable experience during this 2-day workshop. John did an excellent job of presenting complex topics in ways that were easier to understand. Every concept presented was backed up by data & science, and I really appreciated that the emphasis of the course was placed on the pure science growing plants rather than particular products or practices. Worth every penny.
    Ben Moest
  • Incredibly valuable information!
    Incredibly valuable information that I had not heard before. John’s understanding is far beyond what i have heard anyone else teach before, yet he can summarize to make it applicable right away.
    Davis Behle
  • John is great at explaining
    John is great at explaining difficult topics in a way that you can understand and process. It’s also nice to hear about agriculture without a sells pitch for a product we don’t need.
    Tony Covely
  • John’s knowledge is formidable
    John’s knowledge of plant physiology is formidable, yet he makes it accessible enough for us to understand.
    Ted Hinton