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Register for Regen Rev 2022!

Register today for Regen Rev 2022! Now a 2-day event featuring thought leaders from across regenerative agriculture.


Join the revolution as thought leaders, growers, and organizations from across the regenerative movement share their experience with tangible, approachable steps that growers of any scale can take to be a part of the way forward.

John Kempf- Author, podcast host and agriculture entrepreneur. Founder of Advancing Eco Agriculture & KindHarvest

Nicole Masters- Author, regenerative soil educator and soil coach. Director of Integrity Soils

Steve Becker – Chief Science Officer at Tainio Biologicals

Dennis Warnecke- Director of Sales at Tainio Biologicals

Dan Kittredge – Founder/Executive Director of Bionutrient Food Association

Steven Bierlink – Owner/Manager of Monument Apples

Keith Berns – Co-Founder of Green Cover Seeds

Sarah Day Levesque – Managing Director at RFSI, GM Events & Media at Acres USA

David Miller -Director of Education at Advancing Eco Agriculture

Continue your journey towards agriculture’s future and register today!