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  • stephen sinnott

    April 8, 2021 at 2:00 pm

    Funny enough I read that same document, I have made calcium acetate using micronised calcium carbonate. Below are my notes from when I made it, I have not tested it on a crop yet.

    Gran lime is a brand name for micronised pelletized calcium carbonate.

    I was not certain of the amount of calcium actually held in suspension but as far as I know this number is correct, it leaves residue at the bottom which can be filtered off or just mixed to keep it in suspension.

    I also made calcium citrate which is actually about 5 times cheaper to make, I stopped though because there was an awful lot of sediment at the bottom and I really wasn’t sure how much calcium stayed in suspension.

    382g of 5% distilled malt vinegar and 17g of Gran lime and let it sit for an hour, added 3g more Gran lime and let sit, reaction seemed to finish after this, ph 5.5 20 grams per litre or 2%