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  • Ruth Read

    April 10, 2021 at 7:13 pm

    Thanks Steve that was insightful. The carbon accounting that Frank referred to is the same as what the National Landcare in Australia is currently rolling out in workshops that we are involved in. It is very narrow and does not include any soil carbon sequestration. So disappointing. The only offset is vegetation of trees. I will follow up further on Frank’s work and research.

    Soil carbon cycling along with carbon sequestration is paramount for our ecosystems and in my opinion this can be achieved by ensuring we farm cooperatively with nature to regenerate our landscapes.

    If our government uses the information we are submitting in our data without understanding our farm methodology then it is a very skewed dataset and could be detrimental for our farms, agriculture and the world. We are part of the solution…….

    If anyone has other articles to share I would be delighted to view them Thanks