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  • Bart Niswonger

    May 11, 2021 at 1:22 pm

    Hi there – We built a boomless sprayer using 2 IBC totes (330 gal ea, so 660 gal total) and a 2″ “Poly Transfer Pump” like this one:

    We killed the first motor and replaced it with a Honda which has been great.

    We use one of these nozzles:

    They come in different versions, but I can’t remember which we have. The difference is the width of the spray at a given PSI. We get about 50′ @ 20-30psi.

    (I am not trying to promote, they just are a convenient way to illustrate the kind of thing we use)

    The tanks are mounted on an old “farm trailer” – so it is trailed. The tanks drain to the pump in 3″ pipe. The pump pushes the liquid up through 1 1/2″ pipe, over the top of the tanks and ultimately out the nozzle at the rear. The 1 1/2″ pipe wyes above the tanks which allows some of the liquid to be recirculated back into the tanks. Valves are used to control how much recirculates. This allows us to seriously agitate the mix. When it is time to spray, we close the remix valves until we get the pressure we want at the nozzle, and off we go.

    <font face=”inherit”>It is sized to hold a 55g barrel of fish mixed 10:1 with water – i.e. 550g of water, plus 55g of fish. It would be nice if it were 50-100g larger so it was not totally full. We can do a load in about an hour – 20-30 </font>minutes<font face=”inherit”> to fill, a few minutes getting to the field, and 30 minutes to empty, about 10 acres a load @ 4-5mph.</font>

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    <font face=”inherit”>In general it has worked well over the years. A few </font>things<font face=”inherit”> bug me:</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>• it is on truck tires which tend to cut the sod if it is soft</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>• the height of the nozzle means wind is a real issue – I wait for a calm day.</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>• it is hard to get the last of the liquid out if the field is not flat. I try </font>to<font face=”inherit”> get myself headed down the longest slope at the end of the tank to keep the liquid flowing into the pump so it does not loose prime.</font>

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    <font face=”inherit”>I am sure a boom sprayer would be better in many ways, but if you want to cover a large area without spending a lot of money on a sprayer, it works. I would say we have $1500 in it. And as a plus, this winter we used it to flood the pond ice when it got messed up – great skating!</font>