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  • stephen sinnott

    June 27, 2021 at 3:37 am

    That layout sounds very similar to what I am doing this year but on a smaller scale and under tunnels, I am using all everbearers.

    I also ran 2 lines of drip for even water distribution and because I am using lots of fish hydrolisate and figure back up emmiters would be a good idea in case of blockages.

    This planting is new and it’s looking good so far although I am having an issue with ammonium accumulation in the sap analysis which seems to be due to the very cool overcast weather we have had all season.

    I have been hitting the plantings weekly with micros in the foliar to increase photosynthesis and increase fruit set so I am hoping for good things, next season will be very productive from early in the season.

    Have you done any crown thinning going into your second or third season?

    My plastic mulch should last 3 seasons easily as we have far less uv degredation than you here in Ireland.

    I assume at those temps bud initiation stops during the summer?, We are cool enough that my plantings should sed buds right through the year I think.

    We have been brix testing the first fruit and we are ranging from 10 to 14.5 so far which I am reasonably happy with, dreaming of that 20 brix strawberry though.????