News Feed Forums Berries What could a truly healthy strawberry planting do? Reply To: What could a truly healthy strawberry planting do?

  • Andrew Meiers

    June 27, 2021 at 4:51 am

    I also treat every runner with the root dip prior to planting , mycorrhizal, blended biologocals, beneficail microbes, baccilus, trichoderma, worm waste etc. Off the shelf products that have shown an increased vigour and promote the microbiome , we have also been provided with some bio dynamic preparation for further microbial growth, from a friendly neighbour. We will apply this in the inter row .

    I am keen to do some brix testing. we have no data to date. From what i have heard your brix levels would imply nutritional density. A very early podcast led us to believe that if their is any component missing its very difficult to reach a high brix level.

    Nutritional density is linked to taste and aroma. So it sounds like your strawberries may compete with the animal products ????