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  • Steve Slape

    July 12, 2021 at 8:06 am

    Hi Ruth

    I was going to send these on email but thought I throw them up here never know who else might weigh in. These are some samples I took with PIRSA soils scientist through EAL at Southern Cross University for a case study trial. We asked for the geological/mining assay and this is what we got. Mark Tupman uses this test for some of his work in Australia. Christine has said this is still not the complete amount and there is more available in the soil profile but stopped short of giving a percentage it was showing. I have also attached sap analysis taken from the site the day before the soil testing sent to Ag Vita Tasmania. You may need to enable editing and macros to use the ag vita spreadsheet. Sample 1 soil is 0-15cm sample 2 is 15-30cm clay these are below the saps named trial. Sample 3 soil is 0-15cm sample 4 15-30cm bleached sand layer sample 5 30-40cm clay and correlates to sap control.

    In the sap samples we also took a sample titled clay from some of our heavier ground hoping it might shine a light on some levels to shoot for. The wallaby sample was a native wallaby grass I thought this was most interesting as it had completely different ratios. Highest P S Fe
    Mn and Silica. Lowest chloride sodium and Potassium.

    Moly was also
    interesting throughout it shows up in excess
    later in the season.