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  • Glen Fredrickson

    July 14, 2021 at 10:38 pm

    Figured I would share a video of my RO system in action. I don’t have it set up permanently yet but I had to get it operational for foliar spraying.

    So between the other water requirements on the farm my well couldn’t keep up to supply my RO system with enough feed water. So I had to install a surge tank that will let the system run for about 90 minutes at a time. From the surge tank I have a boost pump to keep the RO system fed with at least 40 psi to keep the controller happy. Ideally I need to install a pressure tank between the boost pump and the RO system to act as a cushion. As it is right now I have to balance my permeate and concentrate flows and can’t recycle any concentrate otherwise the pressure switch keeps cycling the boost pump on and off. So only about 50 percent recovery as currently set.

    I also need to still install a low water switch in the feed water tank to shut the system down and start a count down timer to restart. Which should tie in with the controls quite nicely and it would be pretty much automated.

    I am taking around 440 ppm total dissolve solids from my water softner and so far get 4 to 5 ppm out of the RO system, assuming my controller is measuring accurately. When I had a lab test my well water in the past it measured 462 ppm total dissolved solids and 7.06 ph.

    The system works really well so I am quite happy with it thus far.