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  • Corey McCain

    July 15, 2021 at 5:34 pm

    Hello John, yes it was for 5000 sqft. One of the things I have not been educated on is principles or rules on how much of a given mineral can be applied at one time, or a bunch of various minerals such as the case here. I am planting a cover this Sunday as I have just about finished my irrigation. I will probably leave it on through much of the fall and winter. I really won’t be planting a cash crop so to speak until January or February which about the time we start our spring gardens in this area. I had originally wanted to buffer these “salt” applications with humic acid but I wasn’t able to get my irrigation pump in on time to mix and spray on. If you know of any resources that will help one understand the principles of how much can be applied at one time I’d be interested in reading it. I don’t think my application rates will raise any of the nutrients to an excessive level in total but I get the point that there may be a limit of how much can be applied at one time, I just haven’t learned that yet. Hopefully the lengthy cover crop time (seeds will all be innoculated with BioCoat Gold) will help cover any errors I may have made.