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  • Colin Hendee

    August 10, 2021 at 1:39 pm

    Thanks Stephen – I always value your input. I have gone some way down the rabbit hole on humic substances, and have a relatively good grip on that. Going with humacarb for that reason, ha.

    In relationship to your comment on calcium application, this is for our entire pasture land, and my goal is less about growing one crop well, and more in relationship to improving the soil function as a whole to support diverse plant populations and improve animal health. I see calcium as being important to that goal for the physics of it and it’s contribution to flocculation as much as for plant nutrition. I am working on a pretty wide plan for overall system function, and before sending in the microbes and biostimulants and so forth, I consider it important to address some physical constraints in the soil in order to provide a good habitat.