News Feed Forums Berries Help me I’d this disease in my strawberries. Reply To: Help me I’d this disease in my strawberries.

  • stephen sinnott

    August 14, 2021 at 1:14 am

    I have a magnifier on order so I should be able to get a much closer look early next week.

    I believe they did come in with the planting stock as there are 2 rows of the same variety in one of the tunnels that are barely effected and those are plants i grew myself.

    I have decided that that all the plants need to be removed as they are just too far gone, I will replant in different tunnels next year and run a program of predatory mite releases.

    From what I have read spinosad can be effective but coverage is a problem?

    I could pull more saps but I don’t really see the point at this stage.