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  • Taimur Malik

    August 18, 2021 at 5:22 pm

    Hi Colin – Nigel’s book is a gem (& for those who don’t know, @john.kempf has written the intro to the book). Nigel is also an excellent person. On our farm we’re definitely starting to ramp up the core amendments that Nigel’s book promote (a simplified best of the best of JADAM, basically).

    And @DerekAxten – we’ve made a few batches of Gerry’s compost (technically it’s called SPIC compost), and it’s a good compost with a short gestation period (2-3 months), but in our experience the highly fungal Johnson-Su bioreactor compost has so far been the best by eons. And using it as a seed starter gives some mind bending results. The only problem is that it takes a year to make, unfortunately.

    A really fascinating company called Acterra sells a serum/biological product with excellent accuracy to make quality SPIC compost (rather than creating a serum yourself, and not necessarily knowing the biology in it). If we had Acterra available in Pakistan I would 100% buy some for a trial and put the end product under a microscope to see the difference compared to a SPIC batch where we made the serum ourselves.