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  • Colin Hendee

    August 25, 2021 at 6:50 am

    @TomZogas I want to apologize- you’ve made several comments that I haven’t responded to. To answer those questions: there is of course John’s Webinars on humic substances. Diego Footer has a good interview series that include many people who study these things- Diego asks pretty good questions as well. There is an interview from Acres USA with the owner of one of the larger leonardite mines that is good. I am also attempting to dig in on research papers, but I have what amounts to an 8th grade formal education level and am piecing together my understanding of chemistry and biology from text books and other educational materials- so it’s somewhat slow going for me on understanding those papers. (I find myself chasing down terms, definitions, and the concepts behind them in a kind of endless fractal tree, lol). A lot of what I know about humic substances is also pieced together from the countless podcasts, interviews, lectures, webinars and talks that I absorb, but those may not be directly about humic substances.

    I am doing experiments in my garden on these things, but I think it is a little different than a pasture context, or even larger scale row cropping. On my small market garden, I am able to micromanage everything to a much greater degree, including importing a lot of compost, which changes the equation of CEC and stabilizing calcium, I think.