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  • stephen sinnott

    August 28, 2021 at 10:48 am

    Here is the link I forgot.

    It seems to me that changing your soils base saturation of calcium drastically should not be your goal. You are on a very sandy soil, it’s not like a heavy clay where calcium to magnesium ratio is vital to pushing apart the clay. Cost also has to be factored in here.

    The soil works stuff is pricey on your scale I would imagine and it will not remain very available as it will have a release window, this would necessitate regular application.

    the lime product I am suggesting would also need regular application like a fertiliser but at least it is cheap and fast to spread with a fertiliser spinner. Dew and rain will wash it in to the soil and soil testing can be done by avoiding the top 1/2″ and taking many cores.

    Ultimately the goal is to grow good grass and make a profit and I don’t think that trying to massively change your base saturation will be the best way to fulfill that goal.