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  • Scott Maricle

    August 30, 2021 at 1:01 am

    I like you before I have met you. I could always use a $10 word even if I have to practice pronouncing it. I think the Rebound Calcium is from Soil Works. Maybe John Kempf could confirm or deny this? IF it is than I have used it. And yes it is available to the plant both by foliar and root. I use it on my tomatoes and peppers. The key is to apply at blossoming so its in the plant when it needs it. AEA Rebound comes with Boron which is also needed to get that calcium where it needs to be. I apply gypsum and lime for the soil biology and back it up with a foliar of Rebound Calcium . I found it extremely important especially early in the season on that first blossom set. It seems that my soil supplies more as the weather warms up.