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  • Dimitri Tsitos

    September 16, 2021 at 2:27 am

    Fascinating thread, thanks a lot for all you input and for taking the time Harriet.

    I had a question relating to tree crops and the whole inoculation vs nutrition conversation.

    I am preparing a variety of brews, from KNF to LAB based brews of various materials for nutrition and JMS as well as the Johnson-Su bioreactor for inoculation. I will use my irrigation to transport the MOs to my plants (5ha of fruit and nut crops), entering the soil in concentrated areas around the drippers.

    My concern is that I want to have a fungal dominant and complex environment. But if I keep adding bacterial brews, will it risk putting the soil off balance? Can the anaerobic bacterials not take over the soil biology?

    The issue is that our soil is very poor and we depend quite a lot on our fertigation, so its not a once a month thing. We are aiming to put these various ferments in our irrigation system every time we irrigate.

    We also made this decision because we are worried that in our Mediterranean climate (with years of less than 400mm rainfall) – applying non soluble composts for nutrition and inoculant on the surface will really struggle to integrate the soil. Whats your take on this?