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  • Harriet Mella

    September 16, 2021 at 2:40 am

    As there is very good results for the use of “grey” water in irrigation a dilute fertigation should be perfect. I have never heard about any problems from that except for plugged nozzles (which may or may not represent the whole spectrum).

    Usually any microbial material you put into the system will either survive, or its dead biomass will be cycled by the microbes that are surviving, adding eventually to your SOM pools – that is: if soil structure is permitting that. So if you have the possibility of percolation – WORMS WORMS AND WORMS – I would not expect any harm as long as you stay in a diluted range. And for the worms: give them a lovely litter of mostly senescent material. If you are worried about nutrient to be tied up splash a protozoan soup.

    As long as you have protozoans and worms, much of the “close to anaerobic problems” will take care of themselves.

    If your soil is compacted, trouble is waiting for you developing gross anaerobiosis and all the related problems.

    There is not much about M. Bruce, there was a really old german publication about “schnellkompost” and there is one thread I think it was about “quick return method or quick return compost” that is how she called it. Today the material (with lactose) can be bought at Abtei Fulda as “Humofix”.