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  • Tom Zogas

    September 16, 2021 at 8:26 am

    So I had a pH meter for testing foliar solutions, and then saw John’s blog post about using plant sap pH+brix as an indicator of nutrient deficiencies. This isn’t something that I understand, I’m just following the generalizations from the Tainio article.

    I remove the petiole from the leaf, and roll/fold the leaf several times to make it more ‘cubic’ so it’s easier to get the sauce. I record the readings/my interpretation of the brix reading, and take them often (before and after making an application) to look for movement in a certain direction.

    I haven’t yet gotten inconsistent brix ‘pictures’ when testing the same plant with same method at the same time.

    *Forgot to add that I have one of these vise-grips w/ squeezey plates welded to the jaw for ease of squeeze.