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  • Tom Zogas

    September 20, 2021 at 12:22 pm

    I just wonder if using tillage to quickly suppress weeds and establish a cover crop might be a better approach than using a tarp to smother the weeds. Especially if you’re introducing biology seems like a good idea to have live roots in the ground.

    Sounds like a cool site! You must have a good view.

    We’ve had a horrible time trying to implement any large scale covering like a tarp. Temporary ground cloth in pathways works well for us if we get in trouble with weed control, but large tarps seem to cause anaerobic conditions and compaction in our area (during the seasons when they would be useful). Our contexts sound very different so maybe my experience isn’t relevant, but wanted to make sure you’ve tried it.

    Anyway I’m eager to develop a more nuanced conversation/vocab around tillage/soil disturbance, so we can talk about it as a tool instead of as a farming style or ideology.

    For instance, focusing on ‘probiotic’ weed control measures instead of no-till. I guess a fast growing cover, inoculated and well managed, could be considered a weed control measure, positive for soil life, and could also involve tillage. We’re moving towards further and further reductions in tillage, intentionally, but I don’t think it needs to be constant/linear.

    What are you going to grow there?