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  • Rowan Berecry

    September 22, 2021 at 1:55 am

    There is an interesting line of thought here. We are growing plums in southern Qld, Australia. We have been using Dormex for a few years.

    We had a light flowering (which I put down to a lingering chloride problem). Strong leaf growth came out with, and in some cases ahead of the flowers. A very small percentage of the flowers have set.

    I suspected chloride to be the issue there, but perhaps the Dormex has a role to play as well.

    We did not put Dormex on the pollinating varieties as they were running early. They had a normal strong flowering.

    We have managed to get the chloride out of the root zone, but it is still present in the trees. The rain came too late. We had been through floral initiation before the rain, and I suspected that the chloride converted flower buds to vegetative buds – hence the light flowering.

    Is this a result that anyone has ever experienced with Chloride, and is there anything other than time that can be used to get it out of the tree.