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  • John Warmerdam

    September 23, 2021 at 2:04 am

    Again this is on cherries, but we use the chill portion model (Dr Erez from Israel) and use that as a baseline for application dates year to year. If we are able to use it around 45 days out from normal bloom it will give us enough chill to set the crop but not give a full chill equivalent for the leaves. If you apply it too late and it gives both the flowers and leaves a full chill equivalent which will make them come out at the same time. The chill requirement for flowers is around 85% of what the leaves need, so aim a bit early to get the flowers out but the leaves can still be behind. Also, we use an older surfactant (Latron B1956) rather than oil, normally 32 oz/100 gallons. It is sticky and holds the dormex on the buds. Spraying at night helps too, but that is using a 4% rate on cherries. Our “overspray rate” might be closer to .4%.