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  • Corey McCain

    October 21, 2021 at 6:35 pm

    Here is a hypothetical situation to give another example of my question. Say you had a bucket of soil with a CEC of 10. If you ran water through it (that is untainted by minerals) for a long enough time to leach a huge portion of the minerals out and tested it afterward and the test showed a CEC of 3-5 wouldn’t that suggest the method of testing is highly flawed? Especially when you previously tested it and the test said 10. This scenario is based on the idea that the organic matter and soil base stays the same. If the test that shows 3-5 is flawed then how accurate was the test that showed 10? It seems like very little trust can be give to any of them. Is the issue I’m noticing unique to Sandy soil with high organic matter? Maybe CEC has less issues in other soil types? maybe I just have no clue, hehe.