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  • Corey McCain

    October 22, 2021 at 9:06 am

    Good question Brian. In my situation I’m wanting to know if I can push the mineral content of my soil up especially in regards to magnesium and K. However I’m more interested in reserves than I am available nutrients. My total test showed that these two were extremely low in reserves, under 100ppm at that time which was before this soil had ever been amended. I pretty much have a good long term supply for cal, and Phos. Micronutrients seem to have been easy to deal with for the long term. I would love to get to the place where little to no mineral inputs are needed for a lengthy period of time. It might not be possible in my case with mg and K since the parent rock is extremely low in it. So I’m just experimenting and studying to see what is the threshold I have in bringing these up without messing up balance. I’ll be doing more total test to see if my applications of these minerals are still around or if they have leached further into soil profile. Thus I’ll do some soil samples at deeper depths as well. Maybe the total is barely any higher than a melich 3 test in my case. If that’s the case, is my max potential going to be 100ppm each of these two, or 200? According to my TEC now it’s going to be 100-125. Now if I’m trying to do market gardening at high volume it seems like that level is going to have to be replaced constantly because I have no reserves. I personally am trying to do this without having to do constant applications of compost like most market Gardner’s. I already have naturally really high phosphorus (150-200ppm M3, and 600ppm according to total test). I’m experimenting now so not actually going to market. If I have a higher true capacity I think it will help me out. I could spoon feed through drip but I don’t like that long term. Maybe I’m limited by my circumstances. Maybe I can get a rock dust like greensand or something to build reserves. Things I’m trying to figure out.