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  • Christiaan

    March 31, 2022 at 12:45 am

    Hi Jaclyn,

    Interesting question, I’m not too sure what the exact effect on the microbes may be, I do however know that specific microbes also have ideal pH’s. Therefore too low pH will favour acid loving microbes and as you shift the pH to a more neutral level, you are likely to gain diversity in the longer term (from my understanding). In the short term I’m sure big amounts of CaCO3 could hurt the microbes. I’m hoping someone with more knowledge has a better answer on it. There are a lot of people with excellent knowledge on this forum.

    Speaking from a more conventional mindset nutrient uptake is influenced by ideal pH. As well as at low pH’s you do have circumstances that would lead to more free Fe, Mn and Al (especially) that may cause toxicity in plants (probably in microbes as well). The toxicity of the ions would probably do more damage in the short term, than the decline of the microbes.

    Therefore coming from a more conventional thinking, my thinking on this would maybe be to correct the pH (maybe over like 3 seasons), and from there move to regenerative agriculture over time? Would be really interested to what some of the other more experienced guys have to say.

    But even from a conventional agriculture perspective one can apply to much lime. If you have a light textured soil with a low CEC, you may cause antagonistic effects and displace other elements.