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  • Jaclyn Mommen

    March 31, 2022 at 9:21 am

    Hi Elmar,

    First thank you! The liming was aimed at both. We were looking at Dolomitic Lime in order to address pH and Ca but I believe more for pH.

    I just listened to the Regen Ag podcast between Olivier Husson and John Kempf (I am not sure I understood it all but I listened) and unfortunately I feel more confused after listening. Not just because of the density of material, but I was unclear how to influence eH levels and nervous that trying to impact pH might have unknown other negative consequences on eH and plant energy expenditures. Thoughts?

    I agree an incremental approach seems more logical but will 100lbs per acre make a difference? Again thank you and I think I need to listen to that podcast at least another 2 times before I can appropriately digest it.