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  • Tom Zogas

    March 31, 2022 at 11:56 am

    Yeah good question. I wonder if anyone can link some papers about microbes and carbonate? I remember that in Harriet’s course she mentions drastic pH increases being a negative for biology.

    I put on 1 ton / acre yesterday – that seems to me like a generous amount for one application. 6 tons at once must completely cover the soil.

    100 lbs to one acre is roughly 1 lb per 400ftsq – a really small amount. I feel like that threshold must be more applicable for a product like SOP that is more soluble and has a higher electrical conductivity?

    You could measure out a few small areas and test different rates and see what looks right to you.

    I’ve heard that the first lime recommendation is really more of a guess, and after a first application and subsequent soil test you’ll have a better idea of how much lime it takes to raise the pH of your soil specifically.

    How large is the area that you’re amending?