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  • Justin Selte

    April 12, 2022 at 5:40 pm

    I am constantly listening to something but as for regen podcasts/ webinars/ books the list is this (outside of AEA/ John Kempf):

    Down to Earth – Quivera Coalition Podcast: follows very closely with AcresUSA

    Investing in Regen Ag: keeps me up to date on new companies and ideas in regen ag

    AgEmerge Podcast: interviews of producers and speakers at their events

    Regenerative Journey with Charlie Arnott: interviews of people who are on the journey from Australia

    Grain on the Brain: Canadian Organic but still some good info from industry

    Working Cows Podcast: for the cattle producers with lots of variety in pushing the “norm”

    Rural Routes to Climate Solutions: Albertan podcast in regenerative space

    GRO (gateway research organization) Podcast: Albertan again but great practical interviews and information from all over North America

    Nutrition Farming: Graeme Sait’s podcast

    Back to the Roots: Organic podcast which spans into different topics especially regen ag

    Soil Health Labs:

    Tractor Time: AcresUSA podcast

    In Search of Soil: hasn’t been active in a while but good interviews

    A Regenerative Future with Matt Powers: good information in the regen space more geared toward gardening but still

    Soil Sense: NDSU’s podcast in the regen ag space

    Youtube channels:


    Bionutrient Food Assoc.

    Living Web Farms

    Savory Institute

    Lance Klessig Regenerative Ag Advocate: Good Rick Clark presentations

    Understand Ag

    Resource Consulting Services: Australian founded by Terry McKoster

    Grassfed Exchange

    Soil Food Web School


    Most of what I read, which is not enough, is from AcresUSA store. However, best free resource I have found is: This is an internet archive and library which is great from books that are either out of print or hard to find or old, like turn of the century. You can find most of the Ag Year Books from USDA, and stuff that is even out on the fringe like Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy.

    Sorry I know this went on but I hope you find something you can enjoy.