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  • Elmar

    April 17, 2022 at 1:09 pm

    I think Hartmut Spieß from Dottenfelderhof is a good starting point. He did some research on moon phases and constellations regarding seeding. I am afraid though, there is not a whole lot translated to english:

    He did state though that taking good care of your plants might have more effect on plant growth… than seeding after the moon. But who knows what we can’t measure yet and don’t know yet…

    Maria Thun’s research would be next level and can lead to some serious headaches 😉

    There is some thought floating around of plants being an antenna in an magnetic field which could be a crutch to understand biodynamics and its cosmic influences. I know John was talking about this sometimes and I would guess Harriet Mella has some knowledge of this as well.

    Usually ascending moon is the time to plant and seed afaik but reality sometimes makes this more or less impossible. But if I have the choice I usually try to follow the biodynamic calendars, but I won’t let them dictate work.