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  • Corey McCain

    April 20, 2022 at 5:10 pm

    The potatoes are doing the worst, they really suffering under our hot weather, don’t think I’ll grow them again in the spring. They have been hot by fire ants at the base of the plant chewing into it as well as root disease has taken out a quite a few plants.

    The corn has been hot by some caterpillars but I have kept it in chech with BT. I’m sure that’s from the high nitrate levels. Some zipper on leaves from low calcium. Color looks decent. Ears are coming now. Plants were hit but serious cold in early March that I believe caused them to tassel too early. At least that’s what I read as being the cause of early bloom. Should have waited until April to plant corn.

    Tomatoes have had some nematode issues in a couple of areas that leads to a root disease and took out a few plants. No chewing or sucking insects. Plants have been growing slower than we expected. I assume low nitrogen and calcium on sap test.

    The squash has had no issues so far.

    In all that I have described t he here are spots in each case where things are doing better than most and some areas where things are doing in poorly. Our soil changes drastically in short distances because it was trucked it to build land up. Soil is inconsistent some originally being pH above 7 with limestone while others being pH below 6 with low calcium. It’s since been amended a lot but the differences in calcium levels is significant from area to area. So plants are also good or poor depending on spot.

    I’m pondering what my next step is including fertigation and foliars. Thanks for the input.