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  • Christiaan

    May 5, 2022 at 12:36 am

    Hi Ute,

    I have also tried looking for the original Mulders chart, to me it seems that the date 1953 refers to a convention that was hosted where he presented information, the papers name seems to have been translated to english from french. Sorry couldn’t find anymore than that.

    So speculation doesn’t help much but I assume they did it like this:

    Probably used inert growth medium such as washed quart sand, and then gave a balanced nutrient program and did elemental analysis on the plant.

    You would then subsequently use the same balanced program but give one element vastly in excess for example P (in time doing all the elements). Then you would do an elemental analysis on the plant again, to see what elements where antagonised, or which had a synergistic relationship by comparing that to the original analysis.

    I may be wrong but to my understanding (and best guess) that is how you would create those types of charts.