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  • Michael Brown

    June 15, 2022 at 12:33 am

    Wow wow wow. Thank you all for your replies! awesome suggestions all of you. Would be very interested in the pheromone treatment! And the treatment with Beauvaria Basiana! If either of you could let me know how these end up working that would be amazing!

    We are coming into winter now here in Aus so I have nothing to complain about for now haha but would definitely like to start to strategise for the spring when they return. I wonder how cover cropping would work in terms of balancing the ecology in the orchard. Such as increasing numbers of parasitic wasps through introduction of plants like dill, coriander etc. If a block was designed really well, with well thought out cocktail cover crops for attracting a diverse species of insects, I dare say that the leaf miner problem wouldn’t be so substantial, as well as many other “problems”. There’s a fantastic resource from the Indian government on IPM and “agro-ecological pest management” (seems just like a fancier word for ipm) specifically developed for citrus, if anyone is interested i can upload it here.

    I would honestly be super interested if anyone had some spare aspirin, popping 20 or 30 of them in a tank of 100L and foliar spraying that on. I wonder if a immune response from the introduction of synthetic salicylic acid would help with leaf miner? Definitely something i’m going to try next year.