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  • Herb Young

    September 26, 2022 at 3:53 am

    I’ve got some better news on B. bassiana results. I continued thé replicated trial and at one point was getting 76% control. I made applications (SPE 120) at an oz per acre about every 4 weeks. As the CLM flights continued, I covered the trial with Spinosad to keep from losing all the new growth on the untreated then I started the trial over. Evaluating only the next flush, I got only 49% control with B. bassiana the second round. It certainly helps but was not the level that I had expected. The strain from JABB of the Carolinas was selected specifically for Citrus leaf miner if I understood correctly. The pheromone trap show CLM flight still active mid-September – 4 months. It has been exhausting to try to stay ahead of them.