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  • Morgan Hughes

    October 27, 2022 at 12:24 pm

    Some of the trees are smaller but most are around 30+ years old with 12 to 20″ diameter at breast height.

    We have just under half of the 90 acre orchard has irrigation but it is in disrepair, it has hard pvc risers with sprinklers and when we graze the cows in there they always break them and I was looking at subsurface drip but don’t know if it’s practical or if there’s a way better option I am unaware of. The current well and the controller have been down all season and we have already spent 10k on a pump repair for the system to shut off after 15 minutes. It’s looking like another 20 to 30k to get a new controller and it’s all outside my knowledge base as I am coming back into the field after working in an office for 9 years so I am also out of the know with regards to new products and such.