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  • Rowan Berecry

    December 30, 2022 at 12:14 am

    Years ago we got into the habit of planting lucerne (alfalfa) between the rows whenever we replanted a block. This would last for years. We slashed it, throwing it under the trees. We had mulch and free N. We just made sure it flowered each year to persist.

    Once we moved to a biological growing system white clover became the dominant species, along the tree rows that were receiving the water. Staff enjoyed spending the day walking in clover.

    I am now growing in a different location. There has been no attempt to plant anything between or under the trees. The orchard was planted into long standing native pastures that had been grazed by sheep and cattle for over 100 years. The only soil disturbed was along the tree row.

    The land has had 11 years of a biological/regenerative growing system. The species change has been dramatic. There could be 100 species growing. If we get winter rainfall 80-90% of the orchard can be covered with knee deep medic. The first 4 years there wasn’t a legume to be seen. All these new species have just appeared when the conditions were right, and without a cent being spent on seed.