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  • Benny Thompson

    December 30, 2022 at 1:52 am

    Hi there, the above recommendations sound good.

    I’m curious if anybody has tried something like this:

    Every application is going to to jolt the microbiome, so I would think one big application with the slowest release will be best. That would be pelletized dolomitic limestone broadcast on the surface, not tilled in.

    Don’t add nitrogen to the soil. Come up with a way to spoon feed calcium nitrate(and/or potassium nitrate) to plants (fertigation or foliar, I’m guesing you’re going to need to be doing foliar applications of other nutrients anyway) Sorta like how John Kempf has recommended foliar feeding plants, especially cover crops, to distribute micronutrients to the soil quickly and evenly… this method employs the plant to change the soil chemistry, vs directly changing the chemistry with limestone. When the plant takes up the nitrate, it’s going 1)release hydroxide into soil, raising pH 2)take up more water making the soil less saturated…more oxidized. (I’m guessing that your soil is relatively saturated and reduced, along with acidic?)


    (well, it’s not organic)