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  • John Warmerdam

    December 30, 2022 at 5:44 pm

    Reminds me of a story a science teacher once told: Students from a science college were told at the start of a dance to have the guys on one side of the gym, the ladies on the other. The Dean told them that every minute they could move halfway to their partner across the gym. The math students knew that there would always be half a distance separating the partners and left, disgusted. Soon, they heard the other students inside dancing and having a good time. The math students came back in to explain Zeno’s dichotomy paradox (that there would always be a half space on their proposed journey), but the chem and bio students explained in chemistry and biology “you can get close enough to make things happen”.

    The assurance some have that something is impossible is fine, but reality says different. One could claim limestone is basically insoluble, because that’s what the book would tell you, but we know different from reality. And we have often heard from you what one should do with books (or a scientist’s theory) when they don’t jive with nature!