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  • John Warmerdam

    January 26, 2023 at 2:58 pm

    I’d suggest that the reaction in the soil using John’s mix is for the biology to consume the constituent materials and create amino sugars, which a stable forms of N that are still available to the plant. If you apply the material as a dry material each material will have a different rate of going into solution, and if they aren’t available at the same time then the plan won’t work. It be like making a PB&J sandwich but the bread won’t be there for a week! The sugar source, N source, the S source, and perhaps the MO source will all have to be in contact at a micron level for the bacteria to do job. You also have the issue that a dry material will not be available in the same way a liquid one is. A liquid will disperse and be able to be used on a biological level. Dry applications need to be dissolved to be able to work anyway, and that will leave areas of very concentration as well as areas with no materials. I would make every effort to use this as a wet solution rather than a dry application, even if it means more time or equipment, to make it work properly.