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  • Keith Berns

    February 3, 2023 at 8:01 am

    We have not tested for reducing properties but the Cosaque Black oats that we are using has not had extensive breeding done on it and I can tell you that it is pretty susceptible to rust… It is most definitely more cold hardy and we have seen it survive the winters as far north as southern KS on a fairly regular basis (we have done some seed production there with fall planted fields). This variety is not a true black oat (Avena strigosa) as it is still classified as Avena sativa, but it is very different that all of our certified “white” oat varieties. The seeds have a blackish tint, the plant is much longer season, is a great forage yielder and the grain yield is considerably less…all of which tell me that this was not selected or bred for grain yields.