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  • Nina

    February 16, 2023 at 3:43 am

    How are you going Aaron – I have had a look at the settings available and have extended the time to edit the post.

    I understand there could be improvements and part of the challenge is that it’s embedded within the social aspects of the site, and needs to function within the parameters of the app we are building.

    I gave the extension of time to be quite a bit longer, so see how you go and to be a perpetual debate in the world of forums – do we let people delete the posts or not. I can delete it for you but what I have done is extend the time for you to edit posts.

    Let me know how you go – the normal time for post editing by default is 30 minutes. I can see in some types of conversations this may not be enough, particularly if you want to clean up the grammar or typos.