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  • Nina

    February 16, 2023 at 7:35 pm

    Hi Benny – It comes back to the capabilities of what something can do. I will look at the documentation more and the roadmap, but once again, I think we have a situation where this is not a fully fledged standalone forum product, embedded into a website, within the same url, and it’s not discourse.

    We’ve looked at several products but because the long term goal is our app which has been in production for some time now, we want to work with what’s available, rather than developing our own code are focusing on having a website completely integrated with an app for real time responses and even the smallest request or change to some of these applications have impacts on the app capabilities, which, although we can work around with what we call ‘fallbacks’, make the whole app run like a dogs breakfast, or worse than that, not recognised at all.

    Because this is a subscription, I think the risk of ‘bad’ is much lessened because there is intention in being here, and in that context, maybe the features of the forum are less because of the perceived problems of moderation and deletion are even less.

    I’ve added this request to my list, and we are very close to the app being finalised, after nearly 18 months of getting the connection between web and app for existing users when logging in finally in beta stage. That’s our focus at the moment, but I will look to see what further enhancements I can implement because there have been significant upgrades over the last quarter that have impacted every part of the website.

    We started with a list of 73 items that needed to be rectified before we could launch the app, with the last one now being in beta stage, we are chomping at the bit to get the app finalised as we have much more to do on the website.

    I am very happy to get comments and feedback as it gives me a much closer view on what our members are looking for.

    So I didn’t solve your question here today but I hope that I’ve given you an insight to what this forum can and can’t do at this point in time.

    Cheers – Nina