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  • Benny Thompson

    March 10, 2023 at 2:05 am

    just some thoughts…

    I need to read this in more depth, but after skimming it, my question is:

    if you’re using carbohydrates to produce the lactic acid, would it be just as beneficial to directly apply the carbohydrates without lactic fermentation. Lactic acid has 362 calories/100g, sugar has 387 calories/100g. Adding energy to the system is going to boost productivity by boosting microbial life.

    In the attached link, the control was not controlled by applying equal calories, but in different forms. The control received less calories…which isn’t the best control.

    Possibly if you have oxidized soil, lactic acid is not prevalent so adding it would shift the biome into the more facultative region?
    I think if you apply sugar to your soil, it would also release calcium, maybe even more than lactic acid because when you brew lactic acid, you gas off CO2. If you were to metabolize the sugar in the soil, it would gas of CO2 also, but in the rhizosphere, and that will also release more calcium.

    Would be an interesting test to have three tests: 1 strip nothing, 1 strip sugar, 1 strip lactic acid, where the sugar is the same amount used in the lactic ferment.

    just some thoughts…