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  • Christopher Whitehorn

    March 23, 2023 at 10:19 am

    being able to source ingredients locally and in enough quantity can vary by region. You can certainly do everything that AEA’s products do and more by utilizing quality vermicompost. Thermophilic composting and using that compost as feedstock for worms is even better. As for foods for the soil, dependent on your access to things like fish and seaweed you can absolutely make your own amendments and foods. You can use fish guts and bones to make your own fish emulsion by blending up the fish in water, seaweed can be rinsed with clean water to remove the salt and either incorporated into compost, blended and applied to soils, etc. Unpastuerized cow milk (abundant in India, I imagine) can be used as a source of food for your biology as well as a perfect source of micronized bioavailable calcium and other micronutrients. Really a lot can be done with cows that are fed on quality feedstocks, from manure to milk. Being observant and creative in your solutions can get you a long way!

    Edit: I can’t recommend enough the book “Mineral nutrition and plant disease”. It will help you understand the deficiency as well as help with recommendations to fixing it by other means. Cover-cropping with the right plants can go a long way to helping mitigate deficiencies.