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  • Christopher Whitehorn

    April 21, 2023 at 7:05 am

    Never used the product. If the sticks and larger bits are a problem like you stated it seems to me it might bear purchasing or borrowing a wood chipper/shredder. That much biomass is a great resource for building Jonson-Su style reactors! Rake up the areas around the tree preharvest and get to making some compost! If you have a tractor I’m certain you can buy/ jury rig a raking tool on your 3-point to make it less labor intensive. Additionally are you in a zone that is amenable to winter cover crops? I’m finding that understory management on perennial crops is a big part of the process from fertility, water usage, and crop quality. If you can get understory crops going that helps a lot with consuming some of the present biomass by encouraging worm populations and micro/macro arthropods to turn the litter into soil.

    Edit: I see you’re in NM< hey neighbor!