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  • Justin Selte

    June 26, 2023 at 9:32 pm


    I honestly only have the information that you have provided as info on fulvic/ humic with cover crops. I know from the guys at Understanding AG that you can change your soil from dirt in 3 years. I know they used cows, cover crops, and mob grazing.

    As for cost, I sent in 2 tests that Melissa wanted for Urease testing which is still to be complete, cost $136. I honestly have no idea how she does the test whether they are spectrometer or what so i am not sure what you would have to ask your lab to do.

    As for your brown coals and whether the product is good or not. I think the first thing you should ask is the pH (the higher the better) and secondly would be what form the carbon is in. You want the carbon to be in the form of organic acids not solid carbon.