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  • Glen Fredrickson

    September 12, 2023 at 1:05 pm

    Yes I have been struggling with just sprinkling strategically in planter boxes with ok results. I am planting some winter barley so I wanted to do a better job with the cement mixer and a seed soak solution. Here is a video link of how I did it:

    What I did not mention in video is that it needs to mix for about 4 minutes for seed to get coated evenly and not stick to sides of mixer. So yeah if you are doing a pallet of seed this way it’s going to take a good chunk of a day. For seed soak solution I used about 16 oz per 50lbs of seed or 5 gal per 2000lbs. I was using a hand held sprayer to wet the seed which worked ok but was slow and kept clogging. I did end up pouring the seed soak in while mixer was running for a number of bags and that worked pretty well too just took a little longer to mix.

    So this gives me enough confidence to set up a bigger mixer for next spring.